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Cyanocobalamin ( Vit B 12) 


As of June 2023, the CA Board of Pharmacy has limited the purchase of Semaglutide in the State of California.




Email Us for further details.

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Semaglutide is a glucon - like peptide -1. ( GLP-1 ). Receptor agonist, approved by the FDA in measured amounts specifically for Weight Loss. It is a once a week, Rx only, injectable form of Medication which is injected subcutanously and is delivered beneath the skin into the fatty tissue ( not muscle ) . It is administered using a short, fine needle in order to avoid pain. Generally speaking it is not a painful injection.. (Most recipients of the shot have stated that they barely feel it.) It is a compounded medication and is admixed with Cyanocobalamin ( one of the forms of Vit B12 ) Semaglutide is the same medication which is used to make Wegovy (R) and Ozempic (R). Mixing in Cyanocobalamin ( Vit B12 ) is for the purpose of making it easier on the digestive tract, alleviating some of the gastic symptoms. Semaglutide in its various forms has been proven to result in considerable weight loss, and keep it off.



Semaglutide works by mimicking the glucon-like peptide-1 ( GLP-1 ) in the body, where it can increase insulin secretion and slows down gastric emptying ( how fast your stomach empties food ). this causes you to feel full for longer, which in turn, reduces your hunger. When you eat less you lose weight.



Semaglutide actions

Delays stomach emptying

Slows intestinal movement

Stimulates insulin production by the Pancreas

Lowers blood sugar levels by reducing the production of sugar in the Liver


Semaglutide Benefits

  • Suppresses appetite

  • Provides for a full feeling for longer

  • Controls blood sugar levels

  • Helps fight Type 2 Diabetes and pre Diabetes

  • Helps reduce high blood pressure ( Weight Loss )

  • Helps reduce inflammation ( caused by sugar )

  • Helps reduce heart disease ( weight loss and healthier food consumption )

  • Is none habit forming

  • Is not a stimulant

  • Is well tolerated

  • Maintenance provided at the highest Dose your body tolerates.


Semaglutide is not a stimulant.


Semaglutide injections do not provide energy or boost metabolism.


The compounded form of Semaglutide which is available from a 503A compounding pharmacy is mixed with Cyanocobalamin ( Vit B 12 ) Vit B 12 is known to stimulate metabolism besides being essential for mental health. Most people make their own Vit B12. Supplementation with Vitamin B 12 reputation for helping with energy, mental focus, sleeping better , and feeling of well being. It is mixed with Semaglutide in this case to help the possible side effect of nausea. 


* You have a personal or family history of Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma / Thyroid Cancer.

* Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndrome type 2. ( (MEN 2 )

* History of Angioedema

* You are pregnant or planning to become pregnant or breast feeding while taking this medication. ( 2 months off is required for pregnancy )

* You are diabetic and/ or taking any medication related to lowering your blood sugar levels without a written release/ permission from your Primary Care Provider or Endocrinologist.

* You have Diabetic Retinopathy

* You have a history of Pancreatitis

* You have a history of any kidney problems.damage or impairment.

* You have gastric or intestinal ulcers or gastric or intestinal tract disease.

* You are allergic to Vitamin B12 , CYANOCOBALAMIN, Cobalt, Cyanide.

* You are allergic to Semaglutide, or any other GLP-1 agonist such as the following registered trademarked Medications although this is not a complete list:-


* You have other severe allergies, please inform us before you begin this medication.

* You are taking Insulin

* You are taking Sulfonylureas ( e,g Glyburide, Glipizide, Imeperide, Tobutamide ). due to increased risk of severe hypoglycemia

* You are taking any NON STEROIDAL ANTI INFLAMMATORY AGENTS ( NSAIDs) e,g. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, Naproxen, etc. This is not a complete list of NSAIDS.

* You are taking anticoagulant medications.

* You drink alcohol.

* History of Depression, Suicidal ideation, or Schizophrenia.

* Patients with a known hypersensitivity to Semaglutide products.

* If you are taking the following medications :- Chloroquine. Ciprofloxacin. Deflafloxacin. Enoxacin. Gatifloxacin. Gemifloxacin Grepafloxacin Hydroxychloraquine. Levofloxacin. Moxifloxacin. Norfloxacin. Ofloxacin. Sparfloxacin. Venlafexine.


Warnings and Precautions

Patients with these conditions should consult with their PCP before starting new medications and discontinue use if conditions worsen. History of Gastrointestinal disorder. Hypoglycemia Depression ( Geriatric ( over 65 yo - at risk for hypoglycemia ) Must have written medical release from primary care on a letterhead , prescription pad or email.


Most common side effects

Nausea Vomiting Diarrhea Constipation Abdominal Pain Headache Fatigue Dizziness Gastroenteritis


The higher doses are more likely to cause you to experience side effects such as Nausea. Most side effects subside over time, usually within 4 to 6 weeks as your body gets accustomed to the medication. Eating smaller meals, avoiding high fat foods and remaining upright after eating may help prevent nausea and vomiting. Fatigue is a common due to eating less, but should subside as you get used to the diet.

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SEMAGLUTIDE / Cyanocobalamin ( Vit B12 ) PRICING

All below pricing includes shipping fees. Shipping requires 1Day UPS on ice . If you wish for weekend shipping you will be responsible for those extra fees.


1st set of 6 weeks. Week 1 thru 6

2 mg/1 mg per ml dose 0.125 ml (12.5 units )x4 weeks then 0.25ml( 25 units ) x 2 weeks x 1ml x 1Vial. (1ml with 6 injections.) Initial visit with NP, Consult & Evaluation, Review of Medical history & Labs , Physical exam All inclusive - includes shipping. $385


2nd set of 6 weeks. Week 7 thru 12

2.5 mg/1mg/ per ml Dose (20units 0.2ml ) x 2 weeks then 0.4ml ( 40 units ) x 4 weeks 2ml x 1vial. (2ml vial with 6 injections ) $385


3rd set of 5 weeks. Week 13 thru 17

5 mg /1 mg per ml Dose 0.35ml ( 35units ) x 4 weeks then 0.5ml ( 50 units ) for 1 week ( & thereafter as a maintenance dose ) x 1 Vial ( 2 ml with 5 injections )



You may maintain on the dose that suits you best without going to the higher dose (which is harder to tolerate ) Patients will not be seen without a hard copy of the following recent lab work within the last 2 months . Comprehensive Metabolic Profile // CBC ( complete blood count ) // Hgb A1C( hemoglobin A1C). // TSH

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